Success stories

Success stories

Our customer experiences speak volumes, and here, their stories take centre stage. Read first-hand accounts of challenges faced and goals achieved highlighting how our marketing services and solutions played a crucial role.
Telling the story: how the 4Ps makes stories marketable

Why is marketing vital to the success of a product? It's the story we tell that captures the attention of potential customers. It's the difference between a product sitting on a shelf, and that same product becoming a solution to a client's problem. Take CSignum, a company with a revolutionary technology that harnesses electromagnetic fields to connect things underwater with things above the water.  A technology that holds massive potential in any industry where data collation is crucial for safety, operational success, or maintenance.
From Rivals to Allies: the nZero Group Transformation

It’s 2024, and two years on, nZero Group’s name, positioning and branding has taken root across both businesses. Recruitment is up, staff retention is holding, the business is growing (£2M project part of H100) and nZero Group is being recognised as a thought-leader and pioneer in the decarbonisation sector, as nZero Group, rather than its constituent parts.

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