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Marketing budgets are often stretched, and many businesses aren’t even sure what a good marketing budget even looks like. As a rough guide, and a quick Google will tell you, it’s reasonable to put aside about 10% of your gross turnover for your budget.

That information often receives a sharp intake of breath. As a rough concept, if you’re turning over £1m, you should set aside around £100k to spend on marketing in the next financial year. If you have special projects in mind, such as attending exhibitions or building a new website, you may also wish to create separate budgets for those additional expenses.

Talk to us

When you talk to us about pricing, we have a set of guidelines to help you decide at what level you wish to work with us. Like everything worthwhile in life, you definitely get what you pay for and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In our industry people will price services either by the hour, the day or the seniority of the person working on your services. We do it by the volume of services received, so that you can compare like with like.

At DXDMedia, you’ll always be working with senior people who will create a simple or complex strategy, depending on what you need. We tend to price design by the hour but everything else is priced around a day of delivery – please do pick up the phone to discuss how this works in more detail.

If you’re looking for a 12-month retainer, our pricing strategy delivers you a whole senior marketing team at director/VP level, for a price that’s less than a full time Marketing Manager, which we believe represents exceptional value for the clients that work with us.

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Our Senior team

Our senior team are specialist consultants who are used to working with executive teams in a range of B2B industries and used to providing critical friend roles around marketing strategy. Just because your competitor is using Facebook, doesn’t mean they’re getting the engagement they need or the customer response they need. Not everything a competitor does is actually the right thing to do. Unfortunately, lots of companies throw a lot of marketing tactics at a wall, just to see what might stick, rather than actually using tried and testing marketing principles to build a coherent plan. So just because other people are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do for you and your business!

Retainer or Project?

We partner with SMEs who require strategic marketing assistance on a retained basis - especially for those businesses who don’t want/need full-time marketing support. We also partner with SMEs seeking one-off marketing support for a specific project or event, such as a rebrand, product launch, or comms around an acquisition, or something else ad hoc, like a news release, brochure, or event.

Choose the right package for you

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages are our place to start. We do have clients on these packages but there’s a good deal of bespoke pricing that also goes on. This is particularly true when we’re constructing a retainer agreement, where clients decide to work with us over a year or more to deliver their marketing plan in alignment with their business objectives. For projects, this guidance should give you a good feel for what working with us looks like in terms of resource and fulfilment but please do pick up the phone to find out precisely how we can support you best.

As a guide, Bronze retainer packages start at £1000 per month, Silver retainer start at £1500 per month, and Gold retainer packages start at £2000 per month.

Like what you see?

If you like what you see, and feel we are the right people to work with, here's what to do next: send an email, or book a meeting, or if you'd prefer to chat, call on 07796 997447.