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3 April

From Rivals to Allies: The nZero Group Transformation

It’s 2024, and two years on, nZero Group’s name, positioning and branding has taken root across both businesses. Recruitment is up, staff retention is holding, the business is growing (£2M project part of H100) and the business is being recognised as a thought-leader and pioneer in the decarbonisation sector, as nZero Group, rather than its constituent parts.

nZero Group

Our Client

We started working with Thyson Group Ltd in September 2020, following a recommendation by their majority shareholder, NVM Private Equity, during the pandemic. We were supporting their main business, Thyson Technology Ltd, a specialist integrated solutions provider, serving the gas and other industries, creating and innovating systems that measure, monitor, value, quality control, and safeguard gas flow. In May 2022, they bought rival Orbital Gas Systems and rebranded Thyson Group Ltd as nZero Group.

Their Needs

In January 2022, after 16 months working on a slow-burn marketing strategy to improve the external marketing communications, the senior team informed us they were in the process of buying Thyson’s biggest rivals, Orbital Gas Systems, and could we help with a news release?

The key needs at this point, and going forward, were to ensure that their people at both sites were fully engaged with the purchase. It was vital everyone understood that one company wasn’t taking over the other. The branding of nZero Group had to communicate innovation and a future built on clear shared values, and cut through in an industry that’s been used to its familiar partners for several decades.

In other words, it had to aid recruitment and generate pride in the achievements of both businesses and create ambitious expectations about the future they share together. In short, they didn’t just require a news release.

Our Strategy

From our perspective, one news release was the tip of what was required, and we shared our perspective with the client. It’s how we work. We’re never afraid to be clear and direct with clients because we find it gets the best results for all concerned. One news release quickly translated into a whole internal and external comms strategy and rebranding exercise that was completed and executed, initially with the announcement of the purchase in May 2022.

The objective was to create two businesses, one nZero Group, a place where both Thyson and Orbital’s values, people and legacies are recognised, and the incredible future they have together is celebrated and forged in the new possibilities they create.

The internal and external comms strategy focused around providing as much accessible information as possible for employees, customers, and investors. We created a series of FAQs that were provided to each relevant stakeholder group via e-shots and a booklet to deliver clear information about nZero Group and what it would mean for Thyson, Orbital, and their customers.

Once the news hit the market, further branding began across both businesses with a range of workwear and office branded kit, everything from nZero Group mugs and mouse mats to a refreshing of the business vision and values, posters, and vans; in short, the rebranding at both sites has been comprehensive and embraced by both teams and their customers.

Matt Allan, MD of nZero Group said: 

“I'm proud of our evolution from two competitors to a leading force in decarbonisation. This union wasn't just a blending of companies, but a harmonisation of vision, mission, and purpose. Our growth, innovation, and recognition as industry pioneers underscore the power of our combined strengths. Together, we're not just building a company; we're shaping the future."

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nZero Group

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