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DXDMedia is led by Deborah McCombie FCIM Chartered Marketer, and staffed with amazingly bright and focused freelancers and small business owners, who share similar values.

The long-term business goal is to sustain those relationships and invest in other contractors as client capacity grows.

Chartered Marketer

We provide both strategic marketing and social content creation services to a range of different clients, depending on their requirements and budget. And this is our approach...

Approach 01

We’re told that no one else does marketing like we do – and we take that as a compliment.

With few exceptions, our clients are all B2B, providing services or products or both to other businesses, rather than to consumer markets. A client is with us, on average, for two years and many are in their third or even fourth year with us.

We think we must be doing something right!

Like what you see, and feel we are the right people to work with? Here's what to do next: Send an email, or book a meeting, or if you'd prefer to chat, call on 07796 997447

Check out the video below to hear what ActionCOACH Brenda Hector says about us.


Now meet the DXDMedia team!

Meet Deborah

Managing Director

I am Deborah, and I'm an independent marketing strategist and project director based on the Upper East Side … of Scotland.

I started DXDMedia in 2016, just me, supported by my long-term strategic freelance partner and content writer, Jill. My growth has come from the successful delivery of strategic and content marketing plans for businesses and individuals who need to concentrate on their business outcomes.

Today, building on that early freelance specialist model, I partner with other highly experienced, personally selected freelance specialists in marketing strategy, content, social media, and design, and deliver and execute marketing plans to clients across a range of B2B industries, including Oil & Gas/Energy (well I am in North East Scotland); commercial cleaning; decarbonisation & gas measurement; asset management and inspection software; and the offshore wind industry to name a few.

I also have a number of smaller clients I support through my team and that’s the core strength of DXDMedia: saving time for clients by maintaining their brand and reputation through monthly retainers or project support. I also often work alongside their established in-house marketing team to assist in the delivery of a specific project or marketing activity.


Meet Jill

Strategy & Content

I am Jill and I’m a marketing strategist, content writer and business storyteller based in the East – East Anglia that is, in Colchester, Britain’s oldest recorded town.

I help businesses grow by telling their stories to their clients and stakeholders, using different platforms, to improve their brand, their reputation and their sales performance. With over 25 years’ experience in B2B marketing, with a background in traditional PR, internal communications and crisis management, I now work with organisations across the UK to develop their vision and values, set their marketing objectives – and achieve them - through creating focused marketing strategies that drive their businesses forward to achieve agreed goals.

Many of our clients seek out our Foundation work, recognising that by understanding themselves, they’ll be in a better position to understand their clients’ wants and needs. I love to develop a client’s voice, ensuring that in every piece of communication I create, it needs to be authentic and properly represent the client’s key messages, vision and values. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then get in touch today and we’ll talk.


Meet Fiona

Client Services

I'm Fiona and I'm based in Warwickshire, England.

I’ve had a varied career starting off in pharmacy and moving on to a variety of other types of businesses such as publishing, banking and even a few years in the motorsport world.

These days I have two areas of business that I am passionate about, Social Media and my Reiki practice. Whilst they’re both very different, I love them both equally. One gets my brain in gear and the other the rest of my body which makes for an interesting life.


Meet Jill


I am Jill, sometimes known as ‘the other Jill’ (because Deb has two!!) and Jilly for the sake of emails, and I'm based in Hampshire.

I am a writer and I have been one of Deb’s principal copywriters since Spring 2021. I love the variety of clients Deb brings me, and working with her and the rest of her talented team at DXDMedia. I consider her a good friend and we are great sounding-boards for each other too.


Meet Tracey

Exec Assistant

Hello there, I'm Tracey, a fellow northeasterner - but on the northeast coast of England - North Yorkshire to be precise :)

You'll find me supporting Deb with all manner of tasks for clients (no day is the same, just the way I like it!) I've worked in a variety of industries from additive manufacturing to the chemical industry and every industry in between. I'm passionate about marketing and what it can do to help businesses grow and thrive.

I can find a solution for just about anything, pretty good in a quiz team and a lifelong Durannie.


Meet Olivia


Hello there, I'm Olivia! I'm from Vancouver, Canada, and I'm currently based in the heart of Suffolk - Ipswich.

I come from a PR and Communications background and have a passion for seeing projects come together. I'm always looking for ways to expand my skillsets and stay ahead of the curve.

I love the variety of clients that I get to work with at DXD and am passionate about working with teams to achieve common goals!

Liv Web Pic


I’m Katie, and I’m based in Leigh On Sea, Essex. 

I have worked as a digital PA for over 3 years, at DXD I predominately help with task allocation and helping things run smoothly behind the scenes. I love the flexibility this role gives me, and working as part of a fantastic team. I am also a creative, so I spend the rest of my time writing and producing music.


Team Meetings

DXDMedia is staffed by employees and freelancers, and we get together to network and discuss potential job opportunities, share tips, and advice on how to succeed as a freelancer, or simply socialise and connect. Once the ideas have been formulated, then we enjoy the bubbles!

2023 - Searcy's - St Pancras International Station, London
L-R: Tracey, Fiona, Deborah, Olivia, Jill, Katie, Lucy, Jill, Chantel & Fay

2022 - Searcy's St Pancras, London

2022 - Searcy's - St Pancras International Station, London
L-R: Tracey, Fiona, Jill, Fay, Chantel, Jill & Deborah

2021 - St Pancras, London

2021 - The Champagne Bar - St Pancras International Station, London
L-R: Deborah, Jill, Donna, Jill, Tracey, Tracy & Fiona


Every business, irrespective of age, size or turnover, deserves quality marketing. There are three ways to work with us...