Planning and doing


We find that some clients require our Discovery process as a place for them to kickstart their own marketing and so we work with them to help them understand where and who they are and then create an outline plan for them to implement themselves.

New content

Other clients come to us for new content for their websites or other projects that have a defined beginning and an end. Sometimes we continue with these clients for strategic or content/social media marketing or provide a regular review service to help you understand whether what you’re doing is effective in terms of the goals or KPIs you set.

Every piece of work is different, so please contact us for a tailored quotation.

Client Spotlight

Client in 2022/23: Aberdeen digital studio offering affordable web design, search engine optimisation, Google ads, web development & marketing.

Our 6-month project contract to raise awareness has just concluded, but, I felt our achievement was worthy of a couple of sentences! On Google we achieved 14,000 map views (up by 670%), on LinkedIn we grew followers by 855% and increased the number of impressions by 1973%. 

On the client's personal LinkedIn page, we increased engagement by 1222% and enabled her to receive a 1500% increase in the number of comments. Instagram engagement increased by 235%, and compared to the previous 6 months, we increased impressions by 522%. The Facebook engagement was up by 1755% too. All in all, a good project and the client agreed, we smashed the objective.

Welcome to the place where strategy and delivery meet

We take pride in showcasing our experience and expertise to drive successful outcomes for a wide range of local, national, and international clients.

We understand that every project is unique and requires a customised approach, and that's why we work closely with clients to understand their specific needs, goals, and expectations. From there, we develop a strategic plan that is tailored to their objectives and delivers results.

Client Spotlight

Client in 2022/23: An international global well services company, headquartered in Saudi Arabia, employing over 7,500 people, spanning 76 nationalities, across 20 countries worldwide, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, the second largest region in the global Well Services market.

Realising they were missing a strategic piece of communication, we reworked hundreds of pages of content and embellished images to produce a Corporate Profile for use with clients and new employees.

Expertise that drives success for your business

We have an understanding of the latest marketing best practices and use this knowledge to bring innovative solutions to the table.

Whether you're looking to launch a new marketing campaign, revamp your brand, or improve your overall marketing operations, the skills in the DXDMedia team will help you and your business succeed.

Client Spotlight

Client in 2022/23: An international engineering solutions provider operating across the broader energy industry.

This client was looking for assistance with job advert wording. We resolved to create a series of interchangeable value-based benefit statements, delivered in a matrix that would enable them to create over 1000 combinations for GenX, Millennials, and GenZ job seekers.

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