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We offer a range of marketing services, all designed to help businesses achieve their potential. Whether you're looking for regular support, promotional material to raise awareness of a product or service, or just a small tweak to your website, we can help.

Thinking, planning and doing
Planning and doing
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Comprehensive marketing expertise: customised support and services for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Our Marketing Agency Headquartered in Aberdeen, but serving customers locally, nationally, and internationally, offers a range of services to help businesses of all sizes improve their online presence and achieve their marketing goals.

Whether you're looking to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, improve your content management, or increase engagement on social media, our team is here to provide the support and expertise you need. With three levels of support to choose from

we can tailor our services to your needs and help you succeed.

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Thinking, planning, and doing

Our strategic marketing clients are typically thriving businesses turning over at least £5m who have found that marketing as a discipline has been put to one side in their day-to-day operations.

We bring it back into sharp focus through our Discovery process, by aligning all marketing activities with your business plan to develop a strategic set of agreed deliverables, including social media and other content.

This ensures that you can clearly explain and demonstrate how you understand and meet your customers’ needs and why they should choose you over your competitors.

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5 for 1

Client Spotlight

Client since 2020: Our client is a specialist analytical instrumentation engineering business providing complex analyser systems, environmental monitoring, gas metering and sampling services, in addition to solving strategic challenges for Energy Producers.

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Specialist Analysts Instrumental
We designed a highly targeted email marketing campaign that reached out to their key decision-makers, emphasising the benefits and exclusive offers available through early contract upgrades. Our approach combined compelling content with strategic timing to maximise engagement and conversion rates.  The campaign was an immediate success, yielding a significant return on investment (ROI). Our client received their first purchase order (PO) within a week of the campaign launch, valued at £38,000 for the first year. This marks the beginning of an absolutely fantastic period, as the contract will bring in £42,000 annually for the next two years. This PO is just the first among three anticipated orders, as multiple sites have expressed their intent to follow suit.

Planning, and doing

For clients who don’t yet require a full strategic marketing plan, we provide a range of services, depending on need. Some clients require regular content:

  • blogs
  • e-shots
  • case studies
  • brochures
  • infographics
  • lead magnet creation and management
  • website updates, and
  • monthly social media

This is an invaluable service for those who recognise the need for regular visible content and engagement with clients but who do not have the capacity to bring a marketing role in-house. Others require project support to deliver a new website and new content or would benefit from our Discovery process and strategic planning so that they can deliver it themselves.

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4 brains

Client Spotlight

Client since 2020: Through the provision of structural grouting and life extension solutions for offshore assets in offshore wind and oil & gas, our client remains the energy industry’s first choice in the facilitation of new and innovative materials and equipment to market.

Subsea Grouting Specialists
In April 2023 the content we created garnered almost 13,000 impressions, driving an uplift of 16% to their follower numbers.

Just doing

We can deliver these one-off tasks too

  • award entries
  • bid and tender support
  • SMS campaigns
  • marketing audits
  • standalone email campaigns
  • hashtag research
  • social media campaign planning
  • training on social media scheduling
  • training on how to deliver amazing social media graphics
  • bulk delivery (25 or more) of social media posts for a specific campaign
  • set up social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google)
  • online health assessment - a comprehensive examination of website copy, operational status, performance metrics, SEO effectiveness, and overall user experience.

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Client Spotlight

Client since 2020: A multi-drop courier service provider connecting people and businesses securely and reliably, enabling trade flow.

Courier Services Company
When DXDMedia started working with this company, their Social Media engagement rate was less than 2%. We overhauled their social media strategy and began sharing more posts on Google. The result is the views on search mobile have increased by 175% and views on Maps Mobile are up by 97%.

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