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We work with a pre-selected small group of clients who partner with us for their strategic marketing. We start at the beginning, using marketing basics to examine your business, branding, customers – and their needs, the products and/or services you provide, and your current marketing activities and their results.

Setting Vision and Values

Many clients have a set of Values and a Vision they created several years ago and when we start working with them, we find that they are often collecting dust in a drawer or lost somewhere on a page-heavy website.

They have little real meaning or resonance for their senior leadership team and employees, let alone their customers.

Every piece of work is different, so please contact us for a tailored quotation.

Client Spotlight

A leading environmentally-focused national franchise cleaning operation for blue chip organisations, providing local franchisees and Regional Directors with the knowledge, training, and support to be successful business owners.

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Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning Client
DXDMedia reworked the copy on the website to entice visitors and recommended an online solution (Leadfeeder, recently rebranded to Dealfront) to identify the companies visiting. As a result, the Senior Leadership Team has a grasp of the metrics - the average monthly number of leads is approaching 100. Plans are underway to refresh the website and hit 200 quality referrals within 6 months of launch.

We get under your skin to discover the true you

Our first job is to dust them off and review them against a set of discovery interviews we conduct with the senior team to determine how you all see your business, how you see your future and your brand, and whether you all agree. We also evaluate with you who your core customers are and what their pain points might be. The tone and language that emerges from this process support a revision of the Vision and Values and often create a reset, with fresh Key Messages and a clearer understanding of what your USP is.

From this, we understand your business objectives and how Marketing can fully support and drive parts of your communications and sales efforts more effectively. We create a content plan and work with your SLT regularly to make sure we’re all on track and delivering the agreed strategy in a timely and appropriate manner.

Using our Discovery process, we evaluate your existing Vision, Values, Key Messages, and USP to create a strategic marketing plan that’s aligned with your business objectives and focuses on how you meet and understand your customer’s needs.

Client Spotlight

Client since 2023: This company has patented technology to carry data with low-frequency electromagnetic waves, nature’s perfect through-the-surface energy for cable-free data transport.

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With less than 3 weeks to go to Ocean Business in Southampton (April 2023), we additionally organised the purchase of an aquarium, and for the exhibition centre to strengthen the floor, and fill the tank with 400 litres of water to demonstrate our technology. The result was 65 high-quality leads in 2 days [CEO was delighted!].

Marketing can't happen in a vacuum

Clients are retained every month, usually for one year. We believe that marketing can’t happen in a vacuum, and we insist on regular meetings with members of your senior leadership team to be able to have the best opportunity to fully execute and implement the plan we work on together.

We work in partnership with our clients to achieve better marketing cohesion and business visibility. We set agreed KPIs and other visible outcomes to determine success and review performance and progress quarterly, or as agreed.

Client Spotlight

A national accessible cycling charity that promotes inclusive cycling through a range of successful community engagement programmes that give people the opportunity to cycle on a regular basis; through help, support, and guidance.

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DXD Charity Client
From the social media point of view, in the last three months, impressions on Instagram increased by 64%, LinkedIn engagement grew by 79%, and impressions on Facebook improved by 22%. We've supported them in awards applications, at National Cycling Events, and we are responsible for internal newsletters and for producing branded handbooks.

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