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3 April

Telling the story: how the 4Ps makes stories marketable

It’s 2024, and CSignum’s business is at a point where it’s customer base is starting to generate sales and awareness of its patented electromagnetic fields transmitter is growing from its original target market of offshore deep ocean to coastal, onshore and manmade water customers.


Our client

CSignum came to us by way of another client. We had previously worked with one of the senior team and we were brought in to support with some comms and to improve the website content. CSignum has a patented transmitter that harnesses electromagnetic fields to connect things underwater with things above the water. It’s a revolutionary piece of technology that has massive potential and opportunities in any industry that has assets that involve water where data collation is imperative to its safety, operational success, or maintenance, or all three.

Their needs

We were brought in to help tell their story. In essence, the business was still a start-up, despite being 17 years old. Its story had been continually evolving and they wanted us to help them with some comms - news releases, case studies, social media - and to improve their website content. They were at a point where the commercial product was almost ready to be used in anger and so bringing in a marketing company made sense.

Our strategy

We went back to marketing basics, to understand the 4Ps that drive this business. The most significant P for us was Price – because this product doesn’t make data transfer cheaper; rather it provides incredible value across the supply chain because it crosses the water/air barrier in a way no other subsea-to-surface data transfer can. Promotion was going to be a familiar set of exhibitions, PR (social media, news releases, website), and public speaking; Place was about understanding the different contexts in which the EM-1 successfully operates; and understanding the Product, was key to telling its story, through a thorough understanding of CSignum’s vision, values, and key messages.

Their CEO, Chris Brooks said:

“DXDMedia has enabled CSignum to develop well-rounded marketing strategies at all levels – website, social media, exhibition, and other media – which has positioned us well for success globally. I have been constantly impressed by the attention to detail and ideas that Deborah and her team have brought to the marketing function which means our marketing, whether as individual projects through the year or long-term strategy and implementation, are incredibly effective and “on the money”!

In other words, our work with CSignum was fundamentally a classic marketing campaign.

If you're exploring ways to elevate your start-up's market presence and capitalise on innovative technology, focusing on the 4Ps of marketing is crucial. For a deeper dive into how this approach can redefine your business and reach new markets and customers, here's what to do next: send an email, or book a meeting, or if you'd prefer to chat, call on 07796 997447


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