5 July

Telling the story: how brand building builds business

June 2024 and Tidy Green Clean is an established commercial cleaning brand across Aberdeen and burgeoning across Scotland in key regions like Edinburgh, Forth Valley, Highlands & Moray, Tayside, and Glasgow & West. The brand is known for its values of People, Standards, Environment and the green credentials and people focus that come out of that. Here’s how DXDMedia helped them achieve all this – and more.


Our client

Tidy Green Clean is a leading commercial cleaning business, with operations across Scotland. They set up in 2016 under the visionary leadership of Andrew Alleway and David Moncur. They knew they wanted to provide commercial cleaning with a difference. It had to actually care about the people who worked for them and it had to deliver exceptional cleaning that wasn’t at the expense of the environment. Understanding the drivers that are motivating many of their customers, they focused on obtaining global standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001) and a clear statement on staff welfare by becoming a Registered Service Provider of the Living Wage Foundation. This resonates with many of their customers but all recognise and respect the healthy hygienic environments Tidy Green Clean provides again and again, at premises up and down the length and breadth of Scotland.

Their needs

We were brought in to help tell this story and support their growth by sharing their values, standards, and successes. Tidy Green Clean had lots to say but like many businesses, the senior team was intentionally focused on growth and expansion and needed support to implement a strategic marketing plan to accompany their strategic business plan for growth. We started working with them in 2019.

Our strategy

We used a range of different content to target specific customer groups, for recruitment purposes, to raise awareness and profile and ensured that the focus and values of the business were regularly represented in everything that was shared.

On average it takes between 7 and 13 marketing touch points for your customer to trust you enough to commit to buy or engage with you. We used the website and social platforms to tell the story by sharing case studies, blogs, and news to effectively communicate the brand values regularly and repeatedly. We ensured that there were always plenty of touchpoints so that the story of Tidy Green Clean would resonate with other professional and like-minded businesses across each region.

As the regions grew, with more regional directors buying franchises, we developed regional strategies to help the regions produce their own case studies that could be pooled and shared with all regions. This demonstrates corporate expertise, even if that region hasn’t cleaned a particular style of venue before, another region will lend its expertise on staffing, mobilisation, or TUPE.

This partnership worked because the founders, Andrew and David, were open to working closely with us; they had regular meetings and gave us clear briefings on priorities. When their priorities changed, they talked to us about how we could adjust the marketing strategies. During Covid, we supported the brand by creating a comms strategy across each different lockdown to ensure that Tidy Green Clean’s customers had healthy and hygienic environments at all times. Having a monthly retainer with us meant we could plan over 12 months and allow messaging to really embed with customers and seeing what worked and what didn’t, rather than focusing on one small project or aspect of their business.

Founder and Managing Director Andrew Alleway said:

Thank you for all the amazing work that you have completed for Tidy Green Clean, there is such a range of services that you have provided including award entries, blogs, PR articles, sponsorship activity, infographics and so much more. All of the content is on point and on time and I could not be more delighted and would highly recommend your services to other business contacts. Many thanks again for all you do.

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