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The biggest hurdle to scaling up is letting go of the feeling that it is quicker and cheaper to do it yourself.

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Saying my name in quick succession during the recording, wasn't so that 'Deborah' would trend, I was letting our delegates know that when I started this business, my name was in every box on the organisation chart.  I remember listening to a podcast in the early days, and the show host said something along the lines of, "to scale your business draw out an org chart and put your name in every box - your job is to replace yourself in all the boxes."  Scaling up is not just about expanding, it's also about delegation, trust, and building a team that can drive your vision forward. The ultimate sign of a successful entrepreneur/leader is not being indispensable, but in creating a system that thrives even in their absence.

I hope Bren and I inspired our delegates to start work on their Operations Manuals because I think they're essential for any business owner who wants to scale. And yes, documenting processes might seem daunting and time-consuming, particularly when they are seemingly known only to you. An outsider can help pinpoint critical processes, offer new perspectives, and assist in breaking down and documenting these processes in a structured, future-oriented manner.

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Clear processes are essential for any business that wants to scale. They help improve efficiency, productivity, and communication.

DXD's playbook has been instrumental in its growth; it is a comprehensive document that outlines all of the company's essential processes. This means that new employees and consultants can quickly get up to speed and hit the ground running.

The playbook is also a valuable resource for existing employees. It can be used to reference procedures, troubleshoot problems, and improve efficiency. 

Click here for the DXDMedia Playbook example.

In this video, our Managing Director, takes centre stage in Brenda Hector's Business Spotlight interview. Here, she shares strategies, and vision for navigating the dynamic landscape of marketing .. with an insight into Operations Mastery.

Check out our programmes below and start your journey to Operations Mastery today. It's a valuable investment that will pay off in the long run. Our programmes are designed to be practical and actionable. You'll learn the skills you need to implement changes in your own business and plan for the future.

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Our Programmes

Our one-day in-person course will help businesses take the next step in their growth journey by creating the four foundation processes and a roadmap for the rest.

Best for businesses with 1-5 employees

Our 10-week programme helps businesses with fewer than 50 employees master their operations and achieve their growth goals.

The programme includes six weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, with follow-up work, and six- and twelve-month check-ins to keep the team on track.

Our intensive course is designed for businesses with revenues of £1m+ that want to:

  • Double their staff within the next year.
  • Move from a flat structure to a matrix or tiered operations structure.
  • Expand into new geographies.
  • Move into a new sector or market with the same skills.

The programme includes strategic coaching sessions with follow-up work, and check-ins at 6 and 12 months.

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