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31 October

Thinking about ... Operations Mastery

Operations Mastery: a Deep Dive into Our Business Transformation Courses

Thinking about... how, in the fast-paced world of business, success is often connected with adaptability, vision, and the right set of tools. The business world is a vast ocean where every produce or service is vying for attention, trying to become the most vibrant fish that everyone notices. However, not everyone can make waves without proper guidance.

For those business owners and entrepreneurs who feel like they're endlessly swimming in circles, or the feeling the pressure of stagnation, we've created solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Introducing the Operations Mastery Programme

1. Accelerator:  With the combined expertise of business coaching and marketing professionals, we promise an enlightening experience. This workshop is built for businesses with 1-5 employees, ensuring that you identify and master essential processes: Marketing, Sales/Business Development, Service Delivery, and Finance. By the end of the day, you'll have a roadmap that leads you to success as your business progresses.

2. Navigator: Spanning 10 weeks, this course is for businesses with up to 50 employees. Designed to help you grasp operations and growth, this includes six weekly 1-hour coaching sessions with ActionCOACH Brenda Hector and expert interviews by Deborah McCombie and the DXDMedia team. The goal? Building a foolproof Operations Manual that scales up your processes and guides every move you and your team make.

3. Controller: Our in-depth 10-week programme is focused on businesses with revenues exceeding £1m. This intensive program caters to companies looking to expand drastically, restructure, or venture into new markets. With strategic coaching sessions and periodic check-ins at months six and 12, we ensure your growth trajectory stays on point.

My Journey with the Operations Mastery Course

Scaling DXD and investing real time into the business seemed like a mammoth task, but the course timing of 10-weeks perfectly aligned with mine and Brenda's schedule. Dedicating to the time truly allowed me to immerse myself fully and focus intently on fine-tuning our operations and processes.

The primary motivator was the continuous struggle I faced trying to scale DXD. For roughly 18 months, I felt trapped in a cycle – trying to grow while juggling multiple roles within the company, ranging from Managing Director and CFO to a less adept graphic designer and administrative assistant. It felt like I was in a dance of taking one step forward only to be dragged two steps back. However, on the brighter side, I did humorously award myself the 'Employee of the Month' title every month!

Post-completion the dynamics of my business experienced a significant shift. While the client numbers remained consistent, the quality of clients underwent a tremendous upgrade. Our team began to expand, and we now proudly boast of over 10 core members, supplemented with some highly specialised collaborators in areas such as design, SEO, voiceovers, and video production.

The Playbook emerged as a game-changer for us. Onboarding became a swift process, with team members referring to the Playbook for guidance, leading to a dramatic decrease in repeated queries. If an answer wasn't available in the Playbook, it presented an opportunity to create a new process – ensuring our operations continually evolved.

On a personal front, the transformation was just as profound. My work hours were reduced significantly, dropping from an exhaustive 75+ hours a week to a more manageable 60 hours. The newfound calmness stemmed from the encouragement the Playbook provided. It allowed me to delegate tasks efficiently, requiring only a high-level overview from my end. The restructuring of my workweek meant that I now dedicated 80% of my time to client-related tasks, 10% to internal affairs, and a delightful 10% to some much-needed 'me-time'.

One of the most cherished takeaways was the holiday I managed to take. A stark contrast from the past, where holidays merely translated to workdays with scenic backgrounds. This time, I could genuinely relax, dedicating just half an hour each day to check my phone.

In summary, why do I firmly believe others should consider this programme? It's simple: it grants you the luxury of choice. By outlining your processes, you can gain a comprehensive overview of your business, identifying areas ripe for enhancement. If you're genuinely committed to fostering a business that can thrive autonomously, it's essential to document your processes meticulously.

Why Should You Enrol?

If you aim to:

  • Streamline business operations
  • Enhance your client quality
  • Codify processes for easier team collaboration
  • Regain your time (and sanity)
  • And ultimately, be in a position where the business can thrive even in your absence.

then these courses are for you.

In essence, it's about adding choices and options to your life, seeing your business in a clear light, and understanding areas of improvement. So, if you envision a business that operates seamlessly without constant intervention, codify your processes.


In business, as in life, the right guidance can make all the difference.

So, whether you're starting out, or have been in the game for a while, our Operations Mastery courses are designed to set you on a clear path to success!

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