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22 November

Thinking about ... Personal branding

Do you remember to give your personal brand the same level of dedication and attention that you invest in your business?

Thinking about my journey as a freelancer and the subsequent growth of my agency, I realise the role my reputation played in this journey. It all revolved around a commitment to working with integrity, which soon made my name synonymous with high-quality work and professionalism.

My personal brand was my reputation — one that has earned the trust of numerous companies, compelling them to seek my team's advice and trust us with their marketing. This trust has been a driving force in the success and expansion of DXDMedia.

You see, building a personal brand isn't just about gaining recognition but about consciously crafting how you're perceived to establish credibility and communicate your core values. The ultimate goal for your brand as an entrepreneur is to push your business forward by attracting opportunities and nurturing long-term relationships.

This recognition is your pathway to achieving authority and leadership within your industry. It's how your name becomes a key that unlocks doors for your business, and your reputation assures that your company delivers as promised.

Now, here's the problem: how can you invest in building your personal brand when your business already demands a significant chunk of your time and energy?

The trick is to integrate personal branding into your daily business operations. Make it an integral part of how you do business, as it's the trust in you that pours into the credibility and success of your business ventures.

Thinking about action as the driving force behind building a robust personal brand. I see it as a two-way street: your personal brand shapes your business, and your business, in turn, shapes your brand as an entrepreneur.

Being a business owner involves much more than just having a great business idea. It's about meticulously planning every aspect, from marketing and finances to product development.

All decisions, choices, and interactions become essential building blocks that collectively craft people's perceptions of you. It's a continual process of painting a picture that mirrors your values, expertise, and what sets you apart.

To complete this circle, you must also communicate your decisions with intention. This attention to detail ensures that your way of presenting yourself to clients, partners, team members, and competitors aligns with your goals and narrative.

Understanding this elaborate dance between action, personal brand, and business will keep you focused and motivated. It will inspire you to allocate dedicated "business" time to personal branding, recognising it as a critical part of your strategy.

Thinking about consistency, but not in the sense of being omnipresent and sharing opinions on every topic under the sun on platforms like LinkedIn.

Imagine it this way: your personal brand is the spokesperson for your business. It's the face that people associate with your company. If that face keeps changing its expression or tune, it can lead to confusion and erode trust.

your personal brand

So, worry less about how often you share a message. Instead, focus on ensuring your voice consistently shares the same values and remains in sync with your business identity. It builds trust because the promises you make through your personal brand align with the experiences you deliver through your business.

Thinking about the value of flexibility as you embark on your journey as an entrepreneur. I've grown with my agency, met new people, and gained the confidence to manage bigger marketing budgets — and my brand reflects this professional and personal evolution.

As your business grows, it's natural that your personal brand will need to grow and change, too. Think of it as fine-tuning your brand message to align with new products, services, or goals that emerge along the way. Staying flexible and keeping pace with the evolving needs of your business is the key to ensuring that your brand remains a relevant asset.

The beauty is that being open to growth and evolution doesn't mean abandoning your core values or identity. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Your personal brand should always remain in sync with your authentic self. It's like an art form, a delicate balance between preserving your essence and adapting to new circumstances.

And when you find yourself becoming more famous, and people begin to view you as an authority in your field, trust your instincts. There's no one-size-fits-all guide here. Listen to your inner compass and stay true to your core while navigating the intricate path of personal and professional growth. After all, the art of personal branding reflects your evolving self as you continue your entrepreneurial journey.

Thinking about boundaries — the trickiest but most vital aspect to grasp and integrate into building a standout personal brand.

Learning to say "no" to protect your authenticity is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and your business. It's about choosing what you stand for, the clients you align with, the events you join, and when it's wise not to close a deal. These choices are the cornerstones of constructing a personal brand that lasts.

When it comes to making sacrifices for your business, it's tempting to take shortcuts for short-term gains. But remember that in the long run, you can launch many companies. However, reshaping your personal brand is a more intricate task. You can build a thousand businesses and work with countless clients, but you have only one reputation - it's incredibly challenging to build and remarkably easy to lose.

Boundaries are your shield, keeping you in control of your image and ensuring you remain true to yourself. And that's the best way to foster growth in your business.

HAVE I GOT YOU THINKING ABOUT your personal brand and the impact you're having on how people perceive you?

As we're getting closer to those New Year's resolutions, it's the perfect time to explore practical ways to strengthen and solidify your personal brand. My goal is to assist you in plotting a strategy that enables you to communicate with purpose. This way, people remember you for all the right reasons, and your company's offerings become even more trustworthy.

Feel free to contact me at if you'd like guidance on crafting your personal brand, aligning your voice with your company's presence, uncovering the best networking opportunities, or optimising your social media strategy. I'm here to help you kickstart the new year with a personal brand strategy to set you on the path to success.

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