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19 January

Thinking about ... New Year vision

Maximise Your Potential with a Strengths Assessment. Another blog post inspired by Arsenal. What can we learn from the team's victories?

Thinking about... all the work and strategy that made Arsenal's strong year possible. I've been an Arsenal fan for years, and I can tell that this success narrative isn't necessarily the result of extravagant investments. It's the well-deserved result of rational decisions that have paved the way for triumph. Under the leadership of Mikel Arteta and his specialised coaches, the transformation was possible thanks to an intentional emphasis on understanding and harnessing each player's unique strengths ... and buying Declan Rice.

The lessons extend beyond the football field – realising that a team doesn't necessarily depend on superstar individuals but on carefully cultivating individual strengths. It makes us think about the importance of delving into the nuanced capabilities of team members and finding ways to leverage those strengths collectively.

Thinking about... ways to apply this principle to businesses without overthinking the process.

Arsenal provides lessons in effective team management and strategic business skills. It underlines a grasp of strengths, whether in individual players or team dynamics. And it's the same for the overall business environment — knowing your strengths and making the most of your skills are the foundation for lasting success.

But how do you get to know your strengths and track them year after year? 

Here's a simple framework to help you uncover your strength as an entrepreneur or business owner. 

Integrate your strengths into your brand messaging. Ensure a consistent and authentic portrayal of what makes your business unique through social media, your website, and other marketing channels.

Thinking about... transparency and honesty. As you take your introspective journey, honesty is critical. Deceiving yourself at this stage risks presenting a business that isn't grounded in reality. In the long term, this leads to confusion and erodes trust with potential and existing customers.

It's also important to contextualise the evaluation of strengths — steering away from direct comparisons with others while remaining attuned to competitors and market dynamics.

In addition to personal reflection, consider employing strategic tools such as a SWOT analysis or Porter's Five Forces exercise to evaluate your business comprehensively. These methodologies provide structured frameworks for assessing internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats. These strategies ensure a more objective and informed understanding of your business landscape, aiding in strategic decision-making and fostering a more straightforward path forward.

  • SWOT is perfect when you need a structured framework to assess your current position and develop informed strategies. You determine what your company excels at (strengths) and where it may be lacking (weaknesses). Opportunities and threats involve examining the broader business environment, market trends, competitors, and regulatory influences. You can then leverage your strengths to exploit opportunities and address weaknesses to minimise threats.
  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis helps assess the competitive dynamics within an industry. This model identifies five fundamental forces that shape competition and profitability. The five forces are the bargaining power of buyers, the bargaining power of suppliers, the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitute products or services, and the intensity of competitive rivalry. You can gain valuable insights into the structure of your industry and formulate strategies to position your business more effectively.

Thinking about... vulnerabilities. Arsenal's coaching staff analyses matches to pinpoint weaknesses in defence or areas lacking coordination. Doing this means they can acknowledge personal weaknesses and turn them into catalysts for improvement.

Recognising weaknesses is not a sign of failure but an opportunity to refine skills and enhance overall performance. Entrepreneurs can lead by example, acknowledging and addressing their shortcomings as team leaders. It demonstrates vulnerability and authenticity and sets a precedent for a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.

Just as Arsenal's commitment to addressing weaknesses contributes to their triumphs on the football field, encouraging team members to engage in reflective exercises enables a collective elevation of skills, fostering an environment where every individual's growth contributes to the team's overall success. In essence, it is through acknowledging and addressing weaknesses that both individuals and teams can thrive and reach new heights of achievement.

HAVE I GOT YOU THINKING ABOUT your strengths and how they can help you redefine your business (and marketing) in 2024?

Now is the best moment to go into a reflective enquiry, assessing the successes and challenges of 2023. Consider how the past year's experiences will shape your future decisions, paving the way for sustainable growth.

Whether it's operations mastery, strategic positioning, or crafting impactful marketing messaging, I am here to help. Message me at, and tell me more about what your business has learned from the past and how you plan to strategically use these lessons for a successful and resilient future.

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