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16 March

The benefits of social media

Review, know your target audience and set your objectives

Social media should be regarded as one of the many tools belonging to the marketing mix. You will choose which elements of the marketing mix are relevant to your business depending on who your audiences are and the budget at your disposal. Some elements of the mix are more sales-focused than others, such as advertising and direct mail. Others are more about brand reputation, like PR and sponsorship. Social media falls into the brand reputation category.

If you’re considering embarking on a social media campaign, then you should probably already have a website and email addresses in place. Your website is one of the very basic givens in business and without one, your target audience may find it difficult to believe you actually exist.

Assuming this is in place, you may already have social media pages on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn set up.

Review existing platforms

Do they match your current brand proposition, values and key messages? More importantly, do you know how to access them with the correct login and password. Well-meaning employees often set up a social media presence for their employer but these pages can often fall into neglect or the person leave the company, taking the login and access with them. Ensure the banners on all platforms complement your website and that the account is in a reasonable enough state of health to proceed. Your agency will work with you to make these checks and bring the stability your social media accounts may require. You may also need to set up new accounts and each platform walks you through that in easy-follow-steps, while your digital agency may also provide this service for you.

Agree who you are trying to target

Designing content for each platform is much easier when you understand your audience(s) and they may be different for each social media platform you use.

Set clear objectives for each social media platform and campaign you run

If your objective is to increase sales, then your social media will not be your main marketing tool. Social media can improve the visibility of your brand and can be great at driving traffic to your website, but it cannot, of itself, turn an engaged follower into a purchaser. Pair social media with traditional and/or digital advertising, e-shots, direct mail and other activities if it’s pure revenue that you’re seeking.

Social media is excellent at getting your brand or services in front of people and by carefully researched and planned campaigns, you can reach the audiences you need.

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